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  • Board Governance
  • Relations with members, neighbors, municipalities and developers
  • Collection and finance
  • Interpretation and drafting of contracts, covenants and rules
  • Fair Housing
  • Communications law
  • Insurance and allocation of risk and loss issues
  • Counsel to minimize disputes
  • Litigation to protect the community

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Firm Announcement and Condo Q & A

Levine & Bazelon, S.C.  It has a nice to ring to it, don’t you think?   Pushing out the widow because she is young: A lawyer’s mistake causes pain.   Thank you for reading Condo Q&A®….Let’s get started.   Levine & Bazelon, S.C.  It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?   Mind if we brag for just a moment?  Adam Bazelon has been elected a shareholder of

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