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What Happens in Vegas Can Stay There

What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas?  Let’s hope so.  A massive conspiracy to steal home owner association money has been alleged and is finally resulting in indictments, and guilty pleas, there.  Many more prosecutions are anticipated. Federal prosecutors from Washington D.C. are leading the investigation, which began, apparently, at least two years ago. ...
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A Contract Reminder for Wisconsin Condominium Associations

Hold-Harmless Clauses in Contracts are Not Harmless -- Handle with Care.

Several years ago, a friend and I were taking our then-young sons to an indoor climbing facility, and before the kids could don their helmets and start to scale the wall, we grown-ups had to sign releases which absolved the place of any liability and...
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A New Kind of Earthquake may be near in Wisconsin Condominium Foreclosures.

Some bank foreclosures fall short of legal requirements.

It pays to check a lender’s representations and claims of priority over the Association. An earthquake in Wisconsin condominium foreclosures may be on the near horizon.  Several large national banks which lent money easily and quickly have tried to foreclose easily and quickly on owners in default.  But, it...
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Thank you!

Class full for Condo College on July 26, 2010.

To all who registered for the Condo College on July 26, 2010, thank you!  The class is now full.  If you have not yet registered, and would like to attend this Condo College, please call or email Michelle Huber to be placed on the waiting list.  Michelle...
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Supreme Court Rules on Unbuilt Condominium Units in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that declared but unbuilt condominium units must pay property taxes.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a decision June 18th, 2010 which will affect condominium developments which are only partially completed.  The court ruled that declared but unbuilt units must pay property taxes, and developers cannot argue that no construction means no...
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Two New Condo Colleges Announced!

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  • Avoiding the Witness Protection...
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Condo College Announced!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Franklin Public Library

9151 W. Loomis...

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Pets Comfort PTSD-Suffering Veterans

Dogs may comfort war veterans in condominiums.

According to The New York Times, (April 3, 2010, “For the Battle-Scarred, Comfort at Leash’s End”,) evidence is accumulating that a specially trained dog can be of great assistance to Iraq war veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.  The dogs can minimize night terrors and suicidal...
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Bill to Amend Condo Law Introduced in State Senate!

If a proposed bill becomes law in Wisconsin, sellers of condo units may be able to provide condominium documents to potential buyers electronically.

On March 10, 2010, a bill was introduced in the Wisconsin Senate that may change the condominium law in this state.  The proposed bill would allow condominium unit sellers to provide the condominium...
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New Finance Rules Affect Wisconsin Condominiums

Finance certification will take place at the association level – It’s no longer only a buyer-seller issue.

New lending rules for condominium buyers took effect Monday, December 7th with a roll-out of additional rules scheduled for February, 2010.  These will have implications for almost all Wisconsin condominiums – at an association level.  Boards of directors:  Take...
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Condo College Announced!

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CONDO COLLEGE® FOR BOARD MEMBERS ONLY ·        Hot Clauses: What We Are Writing & What Our Clients Are Talking About ·        Board Directorship: Advanced Studies in How to be a Good Director ·        Rulemaking: Precedent, Enforcement & the 6:00...
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The Changing Definition of Family

Condominium associations are changing their definition of "family" to recognize domestic partnerships.

On Monday, August 3, 2009, domestic partnership registration began in the State of Wisconsin. Those registered are granted some of the same legal protections as married couples including hospital visitation, inheritance, and medical leave rights. Are they also “family” in your condominium? In some instances,...
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