Condo College in Franklin…and Why the Meeting Won’t be Recorded.

Welcome, and please note the CondoCollege(r) announcement, below.  But first, Condo Q&A...You Ask, We Answer.



Q: You wrote that you do not favor recording meetings.  Why not?

A:  We do not favor recording meetings for several reasons.

  1. It makes people self-conscious, and, perhaps, less likely to speak frankly, or to “sound out” ideas within the group.
  2. Snippets can be used out of context, and the only defense to an out-of-context snippet is to listen to the whole thing again.  (Imagine attending the same annual meeting TWICE!) Digital editing can also be a concern.
  3. As we wrote before, minutes of the meeting, which are the official record, state the actions and reports, not the transcripts of speeches.

If a member insists on recording, we offer two possible solutions:  First, a member can move the assembly for a rule of the meeting that there will be no recording, and this is subject to vote.  Second, you can explain to the recorder the reasons recording is not favored.  If he still insists, let him record.   A dispute makes the recording more important in his eyes, and not every dispute is worth the fight.


CondoCollege®  is coming the evening of April 29th, 2014.  Call it Spring Time Semester.  Tuition is free. Reservations are required. If you are interested, you are invited.  Please call Michelle Huber at (414)352-0400.

Class Content:

  • New collection approaches:  What works, what doesn’t.
  • Five Ways to Make Your Board Business easier.
  • Interviewing potential property managers or hiring your own employee?  Some tips offered, here.
  • Condo Q&A Live – We ask each other questions and find good answers.


Place: Franklin Public Library

Address: 9151 West Loomis Road  Franklin, WI 53132

Registration Begins:  5:30 pm.

Class: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (sharp!)

Contact for free reservation:  Michelle Huber (414)352-0400.

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