Condo College October 3d in Pewaukee and Leave the Personal Attacks Behind

Is being polite an important quality in condo affairs? We might discuss this, among many other tips, at Condo College which has been rescheduled to October 3d, 2012, in Pewaukee.  If you signed up for the August event, which was cancelled due to a case emergency, you have already talked to Michelle and you know you have a seat waiting. If you have not signed up yet, please join us!  See below.

Here is why we are thinking about politeness:  A political talker on the radio made us feel uneasy, the other day. The talker felt that his candidate was good and the other guy was a no-good lying  bum.  Maybe not in those words, but almost.  We wondered, is this how young people are being taught to disagree in our democracy? Can condo meetings avoid the personal heat?

Condo law has a stake in this, because decisions are made by members in their  deliberative assemblies, i.e., the meetings of the Association. We have all noticed how personality can sometimes overwhelm the substance of the issue.

Here is what Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised has to say about personal attacks at a meeting:

‘REFRAINING FROM ATTACKING A MEMBER’S MOTIVES.  When a question is pending, a member can condemn the nature or likely consequences of the proposed measure in strong terms, but he must avoid personalities, and under no circumstances can he attack or question the motives of another member.  The measure, not the member, is the subject of debate.  If a member disagrees with a statement by another in regard to an event that both witnessed, he cannot state in debate that the other’s statement “is false.”  But he might say, “I believe there is strong evidence that the member is mistaken.”  The moment the chair hears such words as “fraud,” “liar,” or “lie” used about a member in debate, he must act immediately and decisively to correct the matter and prevent its repetition.’

So, for some polite give and take,

Eat, Study and Converse in Pewaukee on October 3d.


What:             Condo College®

When:            October 3d, 2012 (Wednesday)

5:30pm Check-in

6:00pm-8:00pm Class

Where:           Wildwood Lodge Pewaukee

N14 W24121 Tower Place

Pewaukee, WI 53072

Tuition:          Free

Refreshments:  Of course.

Reservations: Required (Classroom size is limited.)

Please Call: Michelle Huber, Legal Assistant (414)352-0400


Fixing a Hole Where the Rain Gets In

We investigate legal issues regarding maintenance and safety of the common elements and units.  We will consider real problems on the ground – and underground, too.

Out of Order... Don’t Bang That Gavel at Me.

Are your meetings “out of order”? Could they be more efficient? Do people leave feeling they had the right to be heard and participate?  Here, we trade strategies.

Questions and Answers…

We leave a little free time to discuss what is on your mind, and ours.

Some of the material in this course was presented in a State Bar Telecast  to Wisconsin lawyers under the title, "Radon and Other Foundational Issues of Condominiums." 





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