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Firm Announcement and Condo Q & A

  • Levine & Bazelon, S.C.  It has a nice to ring to it, don’t you think?
  • Pushing out the widow because she is young: A lawyer’s mistake causes pain.
  Thank you for reading Condo Q&A®….Let’s get started.  
  • Levine & Bazelon, S.C.  It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?
  Mind if we brag for just a moment?  Adam...
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Condo College in Franklin…and Why the Meeting Won’t be Recorded.

Welcome, and please note the CondoCollege(r) announcement, below.  But first, Condo Q&A...You Ask, We Answer.     Q: You wrote that you do not favor recording meetings.  Why not? A:  We do not favor recording meetings for several reasons.
  1. It makes people self-conscious, and, perhaps, less likely to speak frankly, or to “sound out” ideas within the group.
  2. Snippets can be...
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Contracts with Property Managers…Minutes Become Hours…

You ask, we answer.  Welcome to Condo Q&A.   Who is protecting whom? Q: At CondoCollege® we were warned to be wary of “indemnity clauses” which make us responsible when our manager is sued.  But our lawyer said, “Insurance will protect you. Everybody has those clauses.”  Signed, Board Member. A: Dear Board Member: We also told you at CondoCollege® that...
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Wisconsin Condo Q&A: You Ask, We Answer.

This time:  We consider some common issues related to meetings. (Who thought parliamentary procedure could be this much fun?!) Q: Can the president of a Wisconsin condominium vote at a meeting? A: At a board meeting, or other small meeting, the president can participate and vote like any other member of that group.  At an annual or...
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New Wisconsin Decision Restricts Developer Voting For Unbuilt Units

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals made new law today (September 17th, 2013) when it ruled that, in some circumstances, a developer cannot vote on behalf of units that were declared (meaning, legally created,) but not built. The question had not previously been decided in Wisconsin.   In the case, the statutory period of developer control had expired,...
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Did Those Sirens Stop at My Building?

    This is a true story, but some minor facts have been changed. It happened a few weeks ago in New York City, but it could happen anywhere. A condominium owner invited a friend to visit.  (One newspaper later referred to the owner as “highly successful” in her profession and “well liked;” the visit as a “first...
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Condo College(r) Summer Course: The Business of Running A Wisconsin Condominium

Condo College® Summer 2013 Course Offering:
  • The Business of Running a Wisconsin Condominium: Some Tips for Board Members
    • What should you delegate, and what requires your personal attention?
    • Dealing with builders, managers, lawyers, bankers, insurance agents and others. How to hire, when to fire.
    • Your members’ homes are their castles.  But the moats around the castles are common elements. ...
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Adventures in Other Peoples’ Money and Some Thoughts on Investing

Here is some investment advice, even though we are not investment advisors.  We offer it because we know you are tasked with running a complex Wisconsin condominium association, and we want you to sleep well at night. A well-managed Wisconsin condominium community will collect and save money, typically in a reserve fund. Buildings and other amenities depreciate over time, and the...
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Ten Quick Tips for Wisconsin Condominium Boards

File these, perhaps, under "Miscellaneous":
  1. Have a Welcome Letter.
  • Directors’ names
  • Management name/number
  • Meeting information
  • Where to send $$
  • Special restrictions
  • Where to call for a committee assignment
2.         Co-Opt the Complainers.
  • “Co-opt”:  1. To add to a group.  2.  To appoint as an associate.  3.  To persuade or lure (an opponent) to join one’s own system, party.
3.         Use Postcard Proxies.  (Avery #5389) 4.         Know...
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Wisconsin condominium associations seeking FHA certification – a status which makes sale of units easier -- will be able to apply for that certification without the unreasonable risk of criminal penalties for their volunteer members.  For the last year, or so, each application for FHA certification required that board members risk criminal penalties if their...
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