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Redemption as Part of Wisconsin Housing Policy

Assembly Bill 22, being considered by the Wisconsin state legislature, is considering adding a new class to fair housing protection: those individuals with an arrest or conviction record that is more than three years old.

Many of you know that federal and state fair housing laws prohibit  discrimination on the basis of disability, race, gender, and...
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Wisconsin Condominium Units in Foreclosure — Who Pays to Maintain Them?

Should unit members pay to protect lenders' collateral? Wisconsin condominiums are entitled to financial assistance in many cases.

It is a distressing, but not uncommon phenomenon to see  condominium units, in Wisconsin and across the nation,  abandoned by their owners and subject to a long foreclosure process.  During this period, Associations usually assume that they are...
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Wisconsin Supreme Court to Weigh-in On Occupancy Restrictions

Document drafting and rental restrictions for condominiums are subject to law change in Wisconsin.

In an earlier post we mentioned that the Court of Appeals issued a sound decision regarding the ability of condominium associations to restrict rentals, and to post such restrictions in the bylaws provided that the declaration did not contain conflicting language. The Wisconsin...
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Everyone dies.

We are representing condominium homeowners when the developer fails before he/she has completed the project.

We are developing a new area of our Wisconsin condominium law practice which, frankly, we never anticipated would be necessary. But now it is obviously needed. That area is representing condominium homeowners in projects where the developer has failed before he/she has...
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New Law Alert!

Do you have a pool at your association? If so, you need to be aware of a new federal law regarding pool safety.

Do you have a pool at your association? If so, you need to be aware of a new federal law regarding pool safety. On December 19, 2007, President Bush signed the Virginia Graeme Baker...
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Outline on document updates available.

We recently prepared an outline on updating condominium documents.

It is less a "how to" and more a "when to" discussion. If you missed our presentation to the Community Association Institute, but would like a copy, please call Michelle, here.
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Foreclosures hurt communities

Foreclosures of units continue to increase. The debtors, often first-time home buyers lured by loose or nonexistent underwriting, usually default on their purchase money mortgage at the same time that they default on paying their share of common expenses.

Foreclosures of units continue to increase. The debtors, often first-time home buyers lured by loose or nonexistent underwriting,...
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Amendments in Bylaws or Declaration?

A Wisconsin Appellate Court has ruled that amendments restricting non-owners from occupancy in a condominium may be written to the bylaws as well as the declaration. This practical and reasoned opinion makes it clear that bylaws may, as statutes suggest, affect use and occupancy. The significance of the ruling is that bylaws may be amended...

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Property manager regulation; losses by theft

Effective January 1st, 2008, property managers who serve Illinois community associations are subject to regulation. The regulation appears to be quite limited: Managers must have a knowledge of the Illinois statute on condominiums and a "working knowledge" of community association management. If they handle homeowner money, they must have a fidelity bond, and not co-mingle...
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Cable TV prices lower?

Apartment style condominiums will no longer be stuck with having to accept the programming of just one cable company, per a recent rule made by the Federal Communications Commission. Likewise, choice will now be available for individual owners, not just Boards of Directors. As predicted here recently, the FCC announced that the rule is intended...
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Inside wiring rules affect contracts.

Inside wiring rules have changed and most likely will change some more. This will affect all condominium associations with master contracts for telephone and video services. Recent FCC rules increase access rights to installed wiring. That means that the new competitor on the block doesn’t have to punch holes in your drywall to wire a...
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Robot enforcers you are not.

I have received three interesting calls on one subject in the last week. Board members ask: Are we negligent if we do not enforce all rules strictly? This message seems to be "out there" for discussion. The bottom line, in my view, is no. The idea that board members must quickly enforce every perceived rule violation...
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What we do.

We practice what is known in our profession as community association law. A community association is a group of real property owners who mutually obligate themselves through reciprocal covenants (recorded promises) on issues related to the use of their properties. The owners are organized through an association which typically has the power to assess funds for...
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