Growing Your Tomato and Eating It, Too….Thank you, CondoCollege Students and See You Tomorrow!

Can your green thumb be useful in a Wisconsin condo, where most land is in shared ownership?

Here is a rule to consider.  Check out pictures on the internet, to see what you think.   If you approve, you may score some vegetables.

“Members who wish to farm for vegetables and flowers shall use a method which is easy, clean, confined, and does not intrude on the autonomy of others.  Members shall use either container gardening, or “hay bale gardening” a growing method which is inexpensive and can take place on concrete,  pavers or other non-organic surfaces and is weed free. Because of its limited size, straw bales may be suitable for balconies, patios, and other limited spaces.  Members are encouraged to Google “straw bale gardening” for easy instructions (but please do not confuse straw with hay!  Hay contains undesirable seeds.)   Members using straw bale gardening to grow flowers, vegetables or herbs shall confine their bales to the limited common elements adjacent to their units; and legal plants, only.  Soil shall not be used, except in small quantities next to the plant ball.  Water shall be added in a manner that does not infringe on others.  At harvest time, tomatoes, carrots, peas, cucumbers, green beans, sweet potatoes, peas  and flowers shall be shared with other members of the Community, especially the Board of Directors, persons in close proximity to your bale, and, if you still have extra, your Association lawyers.  At the end of the season, the bale, now reduced mainly to compost, shall be put in planters or pots, for next year’s flowers.”


CondoCollege® at the Franklin Library, tomorrow night, is sold out.  Please call Jack or Adam or Maureen if you are not signed up and would like to be advised of last-minute openings.

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