Board & Corporate Governance


Board & Corporate Governance

The day-to-day operations of a community association can be complex and unpredictable. As a board member you need someone you can trust—someone who will guide you through tough situations. Levine & Bazelon, S.C. represents community associations in all facets of corporate governance, including election and voting issues, amendment of governing documents, interpretation of governing documents, preparation of opinion letters, preparation of policies and rules, attending difficult and contentious meetings and handling other corporate issues.

We also counsel boards onhow to effectively deal with problems and issues that arise with members, neighbors, municipalities and developers.

Some examples of the work we perform on behalf of associations include:

  • Interpret governing documents
  • Answer day-to-day questions
  • Review and draft contracts
  • Amend governing documents
  • Ensure compliance with applicable federal laws, state and local statutes and ordinances
  • Review loan documents and assist with sources of financing for repairs, capital improvements and other projects
  • Provide legal counsel regarding board member fiduciary duties and safeguards to reduce your risk of liability
  • Guide communities through the pre and post developer transition process
  • Insurance and allocation of risk and loss issues
  • FHA Loan Certification

If you would like to talk to an attorney who has the experience in working on behalf of a community association regarding any of these issues please Contact Us today.

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