Client Resources : Forms and Articles

Statutory Reserve Account Statement

We offer a blank form and a filled-out "how to" example.

Executive Summary

The document is necessary, but this form is optional. Create your own, if you prefer.

Annual Resolution for the Membership

Your Association is taxed as a corporation regardless of actual form, and this resolution, and the assistance of your accountant, will prevent the IRS from taxing assessment surpluses.

Tenant Violation Form

We created this form to take advantage of new statutory protections which make an owner liable for the financial defaults of his tenant.

Appointment of Agent (Unincorporated Nonprofit Association)

If your Association is unincorporated, it must appoint an agent for service by completing this form and filing it with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.

Fair Housing Laws

Sec. 106.50, Wisconsin Statutes - This statute contains the Wisconsin fair housing laws.

42 U.S.C. sec. 3601 et seq. - This U.S. Code chapter contains the federal fair housing laws.

Client Resources : Links

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  • Carbon Monoxide- Most condominium associations will have to install carbon monoxide alarms. For more information, read this informational brochure from the State of Wisconsin and be sure to note that you can direct questions to your local building inspector or fire department.
  • Swimming Pools