Ten Quick Tips for Wisconsin Condominium Boards

File these, perhaps, under "Miscellaneous":

  1. Have a Welcome Letter.
  • Directors’ names
  • Management name/number
  • Meeting information
  • Where to send $$
  • Special restrictions
  • Where to call for a committee assignment

2.         Co-Opt the Complainers.

  • “Co-opt”:  1. To add to a group.  2.  To appoint as an associate.  3.  To persuade or lure (an opponent) to join one’s own system, party.

3.         Use Postcard Proxies.  (Avery #5389)

4.         Know the Definition of “Majority” in Your Documents.

  • Majority of those present and voting;
  • Majority of those present;
  • Majority of all unit owners?

5.         Never Disregard a Disability Claim.

  • The Association has a duty either to accommodate or to investigate but it should not ignore.

6.         Never Write or E-mail What You Don’t Want to Appear in Public.

7.         Have Enforcement Policies For Collecting Assessments.

  • This is a business and collections should follow a policy for everyone: It’s not personal.

8.         Sign in Your Official (not your personal) Capacity.

  • “Dream Acres Condominium Association, Inc.


"Johnnie Cochrane, President”

9.         Have Association Distribute Disclosure Materials to Buyers (and Get Receipt.)

  • You may charge for the actual cost.

10.       Air Controversial and Difficult Issues with Membership – Even When You Don’t Have To.



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