Wisconsin Condominiums and the Cable Consumer: Dealing with the problem installation.

Wisconsin condominium residents who desire cable service are entitled to it. But Boards may still manage how the cable enters the building.

The problem:  Many Wisconsin condominium unit owners desire cable installation and they are entitled to it.  In older buildings, cable companies typically hire subcontractors to install the cable and the easiest job may be to run the cable to the roof, drop it down the side of the building, and install it through the window.

But Wisconsin condominium associations often don’t want cables hanging down the side of the buildings they are charged with maintaining.  So an unnecessary conflict arises:  Why, Madam Director-of-My-Condominium, are you preventing me from having cable access?

The solution:  The Board should intervene on the owner’s behalf, with the cable company, not just the subcontractor.  Insist on a professional wiring job.  The cable company, in most instances, will instruct the subcontracting installer to find an appropriate entrance to a building, install a panel, and run the wiring behind the walls in the same manner as pre-wired newer buildings.  It’s not a difficult job, usually, and it shouldn’t cost more.

The moral:  One job of the Board is to find solutions which serve, not frustrate, the "customer."  (Sometimes, owners even say, “Thank you!”)

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